The PhD Programme within the SPRING network offers a broad range of opportunities to furher specialize in topics related to Regional Development Planning, Decentralization Strategies or Planning for Sustainable Development, through academic work combined with an individual scientific research project.

SPRING graduates as well as any other interested candidates (Master degree holder) are invited to develop a draft doctorate research proposal and to present it to the Head of the SPRING programme at University Austral de Chile in Valdivia for further guidance and orientation.

To read through a list of current and past PhD research projects, please have a look at this website of the Department of Spatial Planning in Developing Countries (REL) of TU Dortmund. Also, take a look at the 8 fields of research which are currently being worked on at REL.

The PhD candidates will be based in Dortmund/Germany with field research abroad and at partner universities, according to the focus of the PhD research topic. PhD candidates should apply for scholarships to fully finance the PhD research projects with donor organisationsin Germany (e.g. DAAD, scholarship database) or in their home country.

For further information about the PhD Programme, students from Chile or Latinamerican countries please contact the Head of the SPRING Programme in Valdivia, Dr. Fuders. If your research topic proposal is located in Germany, Europe, Africa or Asia, please address the Department REL in Dortmund directly.